A Year of Gratitude.

This is my favorite new item at Presenceofpiermont.com.  A Year of Gratitude.

Each act of gratitude starts a ripple of kindness that begins with you and reaches further than you can imagine.  Every letter you write adds joy to the world, so take out your pen and begin.


Here’s how it works.  Kit comes with 52 thank you cards.  Write one card each week for a year.  The ripple effect is endless.  Given as a gift, gives someone else the opportunity to start their own ripple.


A Gift with Style and Function!

Introducing Tiffany’s Tools. The upscale, designer set of household tools skillfully contoured to fit a woman’s hand. Designed to reflect a chic and fashionable lifestyle, the unique design, and stylish carrying appeals to woman with the most discerning sense of style.  This is an excellent gift for a bride, graduate, new home owner,  the newly divorced and anyone who enjoys the fancy of life.    It’s different, it’s pretty and it’s super useful!  Comes in black or white patent leather.

Tiffany's ToolsBlack or White Patent Leather