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I cam across this and thought it was genius. As I stared I noticed the guy just sitting in the chair watching. Really Creepy!

I came across this and thought it was genius. Notice the creepy man sitting and watching. Ewww.

Cowhide Rugs…how to use & where to get.

You’re not in the market for a total room makeover, but you’re bored with your room.  Styles change and you can’t redecorate every time you see a new room you love on Pintrest.  There are little things you can do to freshen up a room and bring it up to date without investing in a total room makeover.  Cowhide rugs are a relatively inexpensive way to update a room.  They are versatile and could be added to almost any decor style.  Beyond that cowhides are surprisingly durable.  The natural oils actually allow liquids to beed up making it easy to clean.  They are cow!!  Think about it.  Cows get rained on and roll in the mud.  Your dog pees…rinse it.  A customer of mine at Presenceused it as a table cloth for Thanksgiving.  A lovely family member spilled red wine and she just wiped it up (true story).

If you walked into this beautiful white room you probably wouldn’t think to add the rustic look of the natural cowhide. It’s that polar opposite that makes it not only work, but work fabulously.   And…in my opinion makes the room even that much more inviting.

  Here they used stenciled zebra cowhides to add texture and personality to a dining room.   If a hide is not big enough, put two or more together.  You can easily overlap them.  The largest cowhides are approximately 6.5′ to 7.5′. Here’s example of a transitional living room.  The tangerine cowhide adds a much needed pop of color.  Cowhides come in a rainbow of dyed colors and it’s an easy way to add color without too much commitment.

Here’s a more traditional room.  The zebra cowhide gives it an updated edge.

Wether your traditional, transitional, modern, country, rustic or anything in between cowhides can add that extra fabulous something.  Don’t be afraid of color and patterns and when you’re thinking it doesn’t go…look again.

toothbrush fountain

toothbrush fountain

toothbrush fountain

So I found this on idea connection. This is genius!
The simple design of the Rinser toothbrush turns a toothbrush handle into fountain, making it easier to rinse after brushing.

Developed by Amron Experimental, the Rinser’s handle features a water scoop and connected spout. Water falling into the scoop is forced out of the sprout, which pushes the water upward into a fountain-like arch. The toothbrush heads are replaceable, so the same handle can be used indefinitely.

I think they will be available in November. I’m definitely getting it!

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