The Picnic Bag Reinvented

So I was super excited when I found this new product by Built at the New York Gift Show back in February.  Now that it’s arrived I can finally share it with you.  The bag starts as a very clean looking tote and easily unzips and (this is the best part),  the table is set!!  Every item is in it’s place.  Check it out…

built tote

There are so many occasions to use this fabulous new product.  Personally I’m using it for our local pool.  We go late in the day and stay for dinner.  The picnic tote is perfection for this!!  Wouldn’t this be great to bring out July 4th to watch the fire works?  Of course what we sell at Presence of Piermont is the perfect gift…and this is the perfect wedding or anniversary gift!!

Stop and Smell the Flowers…

Library of Flowers

I’m Obsessed with the creme parfum!!  fb

Library of Flowers is taking over anything that was once my Spring & Summer scent with their amazing innovative PERFUME CREAM! Comes in a tin just like a body butter.   Dab it on your neck, wrist- anywhere, and you’re transformed by scent.  Not kidding…I sniff my wrist all day long!!   It’s also great for travel since it’s NOT liquid.

Comes in three scents:

Wild Flower & Fern”  this scent smells like you just bathed a baby and covered them in Johnson Baby Lotion.  Very clean and fresh.  Susan’s fave!!

The Forest”  It happens to be my personal favorite.  It’s a bit woodsy and smells like a man’s cologne.    Reminds me of  the cologne Drakkar.

Arboretum”   Summer clean with a fresh and light floral scent.  Not too distinct of a scent making it my choice for gifting and it’s Jamie’s fave!!


The packaging in this line is delicious and makes it perfect for gifting!!  And if that wasn’t enough…ITS’ MADE IN THE USA!!!


I love how the hand cream comes in a wood box. The packaging lets this item stand alone as a gift.

bubble bath

The bubble bath comes in large very cool tin container, sure dress up your tub!!


The perfume comes in a wood box with ribbon around the neck.

Their traditional perfume comes in a naked wood box with cotton ribbon around the neck. Looks very Anthropologie!!

Message In A Bottle Gets Techy

Message In A Bottle USB Zip Drive

Message In A Bottle USB Zip Drive

The Message in a bottle was a way to communicate across the ocean back in the day.     Molla Space  takes the romance of the
time old tradition of “A Message In A Bottle” and combines it with the new technology of flashdrives in this kitschy useful device.  What a cool way to store vacation memories, important documents or gifting a personal message.  What once was paper has been replaced with  a 4GB USB flash drive that is attached to the cork.  Genius!

USB Zip Drive

The USB flash drive is a way of storing documents or images.  Great for the student saving and sharing work.  I love the concept for saving and sharing vacation images.

It’s Useful, Fun, Kitschy and Gifty!

How Do You Roast Your Weenies?

Roasting marshmallows and hot dogs are not just for camping anymore.  Outdoor fire pits have been popping up in backyards all over the nation.  It’s a great way for families to spend quality time together as well as an awesome party activity for both kids and adults.

fire pit outside

This growing trend has made way for a new gift item.  Fun and stylish roasting sticks.  Makes a really unique gift that is useful, different and personal.  The handles are ceramic so they wont get hot and the sticks are 39″ long so you can sit back and enjoy the fire.

roast weeniesmoresScreen shot 2013-04-30 at 12.39.52 PMRoasting sticks come in a different designs and are all handmade in the USA.

A Year of Gratitude.

This is my favorite new item at  A Year of Gratitude.

Each act of gratitude starts a ripple of kindness that begins with you and reaches further than you can imagine.  Every letter you write adds joy to the world, so take out your pen and begin.


Here’s how it works.  Kit comes with 52 thank you cards.  Write one card each week for a year.  The ripple effect is endless.  Given as a gift, gives someone else the opportunity to start their own ripple.


A Gift with Style and Function!

Introducing Tiffany’s Tools. The upscale, designer set of household tools skillfully contoured to fit a woman’s hand. Designed to reflect a chic and fashionable lifestyle, the unique design, and stylish carrying appeals to woman with the most discerning sense of style.  This is an excellent gift for a bride, graduate, new home owner,  the newly divorced and anyone who enjoys the fancy of life.    It’s different, it’s pretty and it’s super useful!  Comes in black or white patent leather.

Tiffany's ToolsBlack or White Patent Leather

An Alternative to… Pets?

How many times have you said NO to pets? They just don’t believe you when you say, “I’ll be the one that ends up having to take care of it!” Well… Now you can give them the next best thing! An all organic cotton pillow with a print screen of a kitten, a dachshund or even a little piggy!

JUST KIDDING PEOPLE. Unless you want to win ‘The Worlds Worst Parent’ award (as if it hasn’t already been given to us at one point in our life). But really, these things are adorable. The Areaware pillows feature animals such as, a pink kitten, an orange dachshund, a dark purple piglet & more! Why we love them? Other than smiling every time we walk into the room, they are all made out of organic cotton and filled with polyester. The word organic lifts the corners of everyones mouths huh?  Perfect gift for the Holiday’s too!

They offer more than pillows too! Areaware is a company dedicated to brining life, emotion and poetry into even the simplest things. They sell these amazing and adorable piggy banks- but with a serious modern twist. They are made from resin and marble which give them a more sophisticated look. They can be used to save your change, or up t0 $10,000 in dollar bills! (How did they find that out? Did they actually test that?!) This cast comes in a white, chrome or gold finish. Start a family vacation savings, encourage your children to save their allowance or keep it as decoration on the table. LETS EAT!

As if we didn’t love Dachshunds to begin with- now theres a pillow. Maybe the kids will take responsibility for this one.

This organic cotton pillow is the puuurfect gift for the cat lover of the family (Don’t lie, we all have one!)

You didn’t qualify for an American Express Gold Card? Here’s the next best thing! This piggy comes in gold(shown), silver and white!

Cuckoo for You and the Birds Too

As humans, we have a tendency to get gypped. With everything! I find myself looking at my dog from time to time thinking (and occasionally talking out loud) “You are so lucky you don’t have to work.” Or, “You haven’t a care in the world! All you do is eat, go to the bathroom, and destroy the toys that I buy. Our cats- relax ALL day except when they hear that food bowl being filled.

BUT the animal that we all wish we were…. BIRDS

Freedom, the power to fly AND they get to go down south for the winter!  The one fault I can find about being a bird is their homes… WHAT A DRAG. A few pieces of plywood your kid nailed together and painted horrid hues thanks to last years camp counselor. SO, I have always refrained from asking my magic genie to grant my unwilling desire to be a bird… until now. Thanks to dZi Wild Woolies, birds are now living the “high” life (haha).

dZi is an innovative company dedicated to creating one of a kind pieces with high quality goods and services by connecting artisans and consumers through the sale of fair trade products. The featured item this week is dZi’s “Wild Woolies Birdhouses.” They are all created and handmade by skilled artisan workers in a fair trade production center in Nepal. They use 100% natural wool (which is water resistant!) and non-toxic, azo-free dyes! Talk about a product you can feel good buying! No sweatshops, no long, labor intensive hours- just artisans doin’ there thing, making adorable little houses for the little birdies!

These whimsical, creative houses are the cutest way to decorate outdoors along with giving a family of birds a hip place to stay!

The Forest House- Am I the only one who would live in a life size replica? Quaint, earthy… Homey!

Confusion may arise. Birds have been trained their whole lives not to go near owls and now their moving in!

The birds may kick out the fairies but I bet they keep the name: Wild Woolie Fairy House!

Why wake up and smell the flowers when you can live IN the Daffodil?!

Jonathan Adler for President!

Have you found yourself wanting to add a “general feeling of grooviness to your home?” I don’t know if I have either, but when you see Jonathan Adler’s pottery collection; you will realize “a general feeling of grooviness” is what your house has been missing all along. In my experience with Jonathan Adler pottery – Jonathan Adler anything for that matter – is not your traditional, get in any old store, home decor. The guy even has his own line of colorful sinks! Their unique style of  texture, depth and character sets them apart from all the rest. Whether you need  a pop of color or need to add some simple, modern flare to your busy room- we vote for Adler! (Imagine how much fun he would have decorating the White House?….) From blankets, to pillows, to furniture he does it all. But what keeps us coming back is his flare on hip and funky pottery!

Multiple personality vase! Your mad, your sad, happy- put a sunflower in the face…. I mean vase!

Disclaimer : The drape effect of this bowl will not attract any of the on stage drama.

Candle Snob

Lafco Candles are a favorite  at Presence of Piermont. The house and home candle collection has a  90 hour burn time,  soy-based wax, and are 100% natural cotton wick.  The candles are contained in a  beautiful handblown glass vessel.  I actually have customers that now collect the glass.   What you can do with the glass is only limited by your imagination.  When giving as a gift, the glass makes it more than “just a candle.” Here are some ideas of uses that customers have shared.   Change collector, house/car key collecting vessel, ring jar, pen and pencil holder, sponge holder on kitchen sink (my fave) and of course the obvious…a lovely vase.  We’re so excited that Lafco has just announced that the house and home collection will now include diffusers and soap.  Should be available September 2012, so check back!

Marine Bathroom

Bathroom is probably the most popular in the shop.  I think it’s because it’s a very clean light scent with no heavy florals so it’s very easy to give as a gift.

Amber Black Vanilla Foyer

Another popular/favorite at Presence is the foyer.  It’s a vanilla based, but it’s so perfectly blended with amber.  The Amber makes it not as sweet as a traditional vanilla.  It’s way yummy!!!

Office is my favorite.  It’s definitely the kind of scent you either love or hate.  It’s a strong blend of eucalyptus and rosemary.   To me it smells like a spa and I just love it!  Can’t wait to get it in the difusser.

Heres an idea of what you could do with the glass vessel.  How stunning is that?!