Sharing your favorite products, could be the greatest gift of all.

We all have those hard to buy for friends on our list. You know, the ones who have everything and need nothing. What do you get? How about sharing your favorite products and secrets? Purchase all your favorites and wrap them up! It also becomes the gift that is a constant reminder. Every time they use one of your favorites, they are reminded of you.

My favorites:

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 5.02.53 PM.pngMy favorite mascara is by beauty society. I love how each layer goes on so thin that it never clumps. It also comes with a mirror and light. It’s a cool little feature, but I honestly never use it. You can get it here







This is my makeup secret. People tell me I have great skin, I don’t. It’s this little treasure from benefit that makes me look like I have great skin. Dandelion brightening finishing powder. Just lightly brushing it on after your blush gives a flawless look. It really is like magic.



Goè solid body oil really is an amazing product. This is not a typical product that I would sell, but I loved it so much, I had to share with my customers. I use this all over my body and my hair! I finally experienced winter without white flakey legs! You need just the tiniest bit to get rid of fly away hair and add shine.

Goè Oil


I’ve always been a lipgloss girl, not lipstick. This is another product I fell in love with and brought intoPresence to share with my customers. First let me tell you the deal with lip gloss. The stickier it is, the longer it lasts. I HATE sticky lip gloss! If you hate reapplying this is not the product for you. This lip gloss has zero sticky factor and therefore needs constant reapplying. I’m good with it. It feels amazing! The light and mirror on the case is an added plus. There’s not a bad color in the bunch. Beauty Society Lip Glisten.

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 5.30.47 PM