The Eye Pillow With A Kitsch

     I was lucky enough to be a guest at the Mayflower Grace Spa. It was spectacular! Everything just feels and smells better at a spa. I was excited to walk into the spa gift shop, hoping to find some of the luxuries that I sensed throughout my stay. Quietly resting on a glass shelf were the beautiful eye pillows they had used during my treatments. At first glance they are still “just an eye pillow” albeit in beautiful silk fabrics. Then I noticed the little glass bottle beautifully tied to the pillow. I was intrigued. The lovely sales woman began explaining and I was excited to see that these eye pillows had something more. It comes with a bottle of essential oil and pads. You put drops of oil on the pads and then slip the scented pad into the pocket stitched in the pillowcase. Almost anything to help promote sleep and decrease stress is a good product. This is exactly the kind of item I search for and get excited to bring into Presence of Piermont. Yes it’s been ordered and can’t wait for them to arrive!

comphy eye pillows

Bar Carts are Rolling in Everywhere

Bar carts have made a huge come back in the wold of home decor.  They’re rolling into homes across the globe, adding style and function wherever they land.  Now this doesn’t  necessarily mean that there’s been a surge of alcohol intake.  The bar cart isn’t just for holding your favorite spirits.  It’s function is limited only to your needs and imagination.  Of course it’s still perfect for any soiree.  Here’s a few of my faves.

Fabulous Marketing!

I cam across this and thought it was genius. As I stared I noticed the guy just sitting in the chair watching. Really Creepy!

I came across this and thought it was genius. Notice the creepy man sitting and watching. Ewww.

toothbrush fountain

toothbrush fountain

toothbrush fountain

So I found this on idea connection. This is genius!
The simple design of the Rinser toothbrush turns a toothbrush handle into fountain, making it easier to rinse after brushing.

Developed by Amron Experimental, the Rinser’s handle features a water scoop and connected spout. Water falling into the scoop is forced out of the sprout, which pushes the water upward into a fountain-like arch. The toothbrush heads are replaceable, so the same handle can be used indefinitely.

I think they will be available in November. I’m definitely getting it!

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