Jewelry that Inspires

Dogeared is known to be simple, unique and stylish.  Dogeared is a favorite to celebrity stylists and has been photographed on numerous celebrities like Lauren Conrad and Rachel Zoe.  Much of the appeal of Dogeared jewelry is that each piece has a meaningful symbol and comes with an inspiring message.  The inspirational messages and wishes are as much a part of the gift as the jewelry itself.   Here Rachel Zoe is wearing a Wishbone.  The message is (Make a wish and put on your necklace. Dont be afraid to be bold! Wear this necklace as a reminder to wish without limits…Make it count!)


My favorite Dogeared necklace would be Karma(which also comes in a bracelet!)

I  also love the Pearls of Love!!

Dogeared Jewelry are one of the favorite things at Presence of Piermont !