Dear Somebody….

“To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without
moving anything but your heart.”  ~Phyllis Theroux

In a world where text messages, e-mails, and maybe a face-time call if we are lucky, rule the world, I think it’s time we turn OFF and start WRITING again! A pen? Paper? Pencil? I know… It seems almost as ancient as stone carving. But think of the difference between the generic font of your iMessage and your own personal chicken scratch! It’s easier to send a thank you, an invite, or a happy birthday wish through technology but I say we get back to our roots- PAPER PRODUCTS! Bring color, glitter, personalization and that sentimental touch with something a little more meaningful.

Check out The Paper Queen at for all your customized needs! Note pads, stationary, cards & more- browse through the entire illustration gallery to design every inch of your own paper goods. Choose what font, what color, what character- and even what they wear! Right down to the heels! This Paper Queen knows us women all too well.

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Also, check out Verrier Boutique at! All these cards are HANDMADE, right down to the very last piece of glitter! A fashion designer, but illustrator at heart, Ashleigh Verrier creates every piece by hand with every finishing touch as beautiful and feminine as the first!

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A Year of Gratitude.

This is my favorite new item at  A Year of Gratitude.

Each act of gratitude starts a ripple of kindness that begins with you and reaches further than you can imagine.  Every letter you write adds joy to the world, so take out your pen and begin.


Here’s how it works.  Kit comes with 52 thank you cards.  Write one card each week for a year.  The ripple effect is endless.  Given as a gift, gives someone else the opportunity to start their own ripple.