Stop and Smell the Flowers…

Library of Flowers

I’m Obsessed with the creme parfum!!  fb

Library of Flowers is taking over anything that was once my Spring & Summer scent with their amazing innovative PERFUME CREAM! Comes in a tin just like a body butter.   Dab it on your neck, wrist- anywhere, and you’re transformed by scent.  Not kidding…I sniff my wrist all day long!!   It’s also great for travel since it’s NOT liquid.

Comes in three scents:

Wild Flower & Fern”  this scent smells like you just bathed a baby and covered them in Johnson Baby Lotion.  Very clean and fresh.  Susan’s fave!!

The Forest”  It happens to be my personal favorite.  It’s a bit woodsy and smells like a man’s cologne.    Reminds me of  the cologne Drakkar.

Arboretum”   Summer clean with a fresh and light floral scent.  Not too distinct of a scent making it my choice for gifting and it’s Jamie’s fave!!


The packaging in this line is delicious and makes it perfect for gifting!!  And if that wasn’t enough…ITS’ MADE IN THE USA!!!


I love how the hand cream comes in a wood box. The packaging lets this item stand alone as a gift.

bubble bath

The bubble bath comes in large very cool tin container, sure dress up your tub!!


The perfume comes in a wood box with ribbon around the neck.

Their traditional perfume comes in a naked wood box with cotton ribbon around the neck. Looks very Anthropologie!!