Dear Somebody….

“To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without
moving anything but your heart.”  ~Phyllis Theroux

In a world where text messages, e-mails, and maybe a face-time call if we are lucky, rule the world, I think it’s time we turn OFF and start WRITING again! A pen? Paper? Pencil? I know… It seems almost as ancient as stone carving. But think of the difference between the generic font of your iMessage and your own personal chicken scratch! It’s easier to send a thank you, an invite, or a happy birthday wish through technology but I say we get back to our roots- PAPER PRODUCTS! Bring color, glitter, personalization and that sentimental touch with something a little more meaningful.

Check out The Paper Queen at for all your customized needs! Note pads, stationary, cards & more- browse through the entire illustration gallery to design every inch of your own paper goods. Choose what font, what color, what character- and even what they wear! Right down to the heels! This Paper Queen knows us women all too well.

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Also, check out Verrier Boutique at! All these cards are HANDMADE, right down to the very last piece of glitter! A fashion designer, but illustrator at heart, Ashleigh Verrier creates every piece by hand with every finishing touch as beautiful and feminine as the first!

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