Candle Snob

Lafco Candles are a favorite  at Presence of Piermont. The house and home candle collection has a  90 hour burn time,  soy-based wax, and are 100% natural cotton wick.  The candles are contained in a  beautiful handblown glass vessel.  I actually have customers that now collect the glass.   What you can do with the glass is only limited by your imagination.  When giving as a gift, the glass makes it more than “just a candle.” Here are some ideas of uses that customers have shared.   Change collector, house/car key collecting vessel, ring jar, pen and pencil holder, sponge holder on kitchen sink (my fave) and of course the obvious…a lovely vase.  We’re so excited that Lafco has just announced that the house and home collection will now include diffusers and soap.  Should be available September 2012, so check back!

Marine Bathroom

Bathroom is probably the most popular in the shop.  I think it’s because it’s a very clean light scent with no heavy florals so it’s very easy to give as a gift.

Amber Black Vanilla Foyer

Another popular/favorite at Presence is the foyer.  It’s a vanilla based, but it’s so perfectly blended with amber.  The Amber makes it not as sweet as a traditional vanilla.  It’s way yummy!!!

Office is my favorite.  It’s definitely the kind of scent you either love or hate.  It’s a strong blend of eucalyptus and rosemary.   To me it smells like a spa and I just love it!  Can’t wait to get it in the difusser.

Heres an idea of what you could do with the glass vessel.  How stunning is that?!