Jonathan Adler for President!

Have you found yourself wanting to add a “general feeling of grooviness to your home?” I don’t know if I have either, but when you see Jonathan Adler’s pottery collection; you will realize “a general feeling of grooviness” is what your house has been missing all along. In my experience with Jonathan Adler pottery – Jonathan Adler anything for that matter – is not your traditional, get in any old store, home decor. The guy even has his own line of colorful sinks! Their unique style of  texture, depth and character sets them apart from all the rest. Whether you need  a pop of color or need to add some simple, modern flare to your busy room- we vote for Adler! (Imagine how much fun he would have decorating the White House?….) From blankets, to pillows, to furniture he does it all. But what keeps us coming back is his flare on hip and funky pottery!

Multiple personality vase! Your mad, your sad, happy- put a sunflower in the face…. I mean vase!

Disclaimer : The drape effect of this bowl will not attract any of the on stage drama.

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