Commitment Phobes – Tempaper is Here!

How many of us have wanted to redecorate our living room, bedroom, dining room- ANY room? Time to call the interior decorator and pick up an extra shift at work, because we all know how expensive home decor can get. But now, with Tempapera line of temporary wallpaper you never have to worry about making a longtime commitment to wallpaper ever again. Tempaper is an easy way to spice up any room, even a college dorm room! No fussing around with water, paste, rollers or permanency. The self adhesive is as easy to get off as it is to get on. Peel and stick that’s all there is to it! And when you’ve grown tired of it, peel it off, throw it out and up with the next pattern. Worried none of Tempapers patterns are right for you? Unleash your inner artist and get the “Tempaper By You” and paint your own landscape for the tea room, pink giraffe for your little girl, or beige stripes for the family room. And guess what- Tempaper isn’t just limited to walls, it works on furniture too! The newest trend in interior design is not to be missed- and who doesn’t jump on an inexpensive, commitment free trend?! From contemporary, to earthy, to funky– Tempaper has it all! P.S. When will Tempaper make boyfriends?!

Dorm room safe! Who wouldn’t want to stay in and study with those walls?!

Keep your furniture neutral and give the walls some attention!

Unleash your inner artist! You’ve always wanted your own line of wallpaper so here is your start! Paint, paintbrush and “Tempaper By You” is all you need!

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