Glamorous Chain Chandeliers

This room from Luxe Interiors is to die for!   It’s glam-elegance to perfection.  The stunning chain chandelier adds the perfect amount of drama.  Want the look?  Here’s some chain chandeliers I think are fabulous.

I know, isn’t it just too good?  These are the things that get me so excited!  Perfectly draped pearly silver chains hang  from shiny curved chrome, yum!    It’s really just a fabulous piece.  Click on chandelier to buy.

This ones done in black.  It’s just so sexy.  I Love the way the light peeks through the perfectly draped chains.  The right light can really make all the difference.  Click on chandelier to buy.

I can so see this in a grand entry way or even better, amidst a spiral staircase.    Don’t over look lighting and what it can do not only for your room, but for you too.  Because…we all want to be well lit.

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