The Fun Part…..Choosing The Sofa

Now that Dana is excited we can choose the sofa and fabrics.  This room is all about family, being comfortable and chilling in front of the TV.  So here’s what Dana knows she wants.  Comfort is a must and she wants two chaises (one for her and one for T – her husband) Maddison is 8 and can fit anywhere.   We looked at lots of pictures together and I have sense of what she wants.  Layers of white with pops of color.  Dana wants transitional.  So I have her and T look at a company called BSC, we sell this at Presence.  They have tons of options for sofas including over 300 fabrics and over 40 styles.  The other great option is that you can choose to get most styles upholstered or slip covered.  There slip covers are so form fitting you can’t tell.  Dana and T chose quickly.  They opted for the “Grant”.  It’s simple with clean lines and it has tons of layout options.    The sofa will be a “U” shape with a right and left chaise connected by two seats between.  We went over the 300 fabrics for about 3 weeks.    Then the the unthinkable happened, we were told it was discontinued.  Back to the drawing board.  With a slew of new fabrics to choose from we started again.  It only took about 2 hours to choose the 2nd time around.  Dana’s getting her white sofa and her texture and her two chaises!    We opted for a white cable that will go on the outside of the sofa and all the seating will be in oatmeal.  We added a bit of color with throw pillows.  It’s all removable and washable and if they get bored…..order new covers.

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