Getting Started – A Decorating Journey.

Let me start by saying that I am NOT a decorator, but I love decor.  I am NOT a designer, but I am designing a room for a customer.  Does that Make sense? I have a retail gift and home accessory shop in Piermont NY and sometimes I help decorate.  So here’s my latest “non” designer project.

Making decorating decisions can be daunting.  I find that people make decisions sometimes out of fear.  They are afraid that they will get sick of an item that has too much color or style.  So, they play it safe.  My first tip I want to share is….Choose what you LOVE!  If you absolutely love it, you wont get sick of it.  If you love it, you’ll make it work.  Personally I would get sick of something boring and plain.  I’m currently helping a customer who knows what she likes, but can’t make a decision if her life depended on it.  Dana desperately wants a beautiful room, but doesn’t know where to begin.  So, I offered to help.  We are decorating her loft in her four story town house.  Dana wants to use this space for her family to spend time together, watch TV and just hang out.    She wants it done, but I wasn’t feeling any excitement from her.  I told Dana to start with something she loves and we’ll go from there.  2 days later Dana walked into my store and she couldn’t have been more excited.  “I did what you said, I went to Home Goods and bought something!”  She was so excited!  ” I really love it and hope you do too. ”  I told her it didn’t matter if “I” loved it or not.  So Dana pulls out this colorful glass lantern.  She didn’t know where it was going to go, but she LOVED it!  Had to have it!  She was so excited and that’s what we needed.  Now we could start.  By the way, I didn’t love the lantern, but I didn’t hate it either.  I actually told her to go back and buy another one.  We’ll hang them in the loft slightly askew.  It will definitely work and she will be happy every time she looks at them.  Even better, the lanterns now have a story.  Which I LOVE!

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